Distraction Catch Drill


Form two lines of receivers facing each other, ten yards apart. One line, the distraction line, should be staggered a yard or two in front of the other, regular line. A coach/quarterback is placed ten yards downfield.


The purpose of the Distraction Catch drill is to provide a very difficult distraction for receivers as they attempt to haul in a pass. On any single play in a game, there are 21 other players on the field. These players are bound to be distracting when a ball is in the air, so it is critical that players get experience with traffic flying in front of their face as the ball is flying towards their face.

Drill Description

The coach signals for the receiver and the distraction player to run across the field at the same time. The thrower attempts to have the ball arrive in the receiver’s hands right around the time that the distraction player is close to the receiver.

The distraction player waives his hands and arms in the air to provide a distraction and make it hard for the receiver to make the catch, but does not allow himself to get hit by the ball so that it can make its way through to the receiver.

The receiver then catches the ball and gets in the distraction line to take his turn as the distraction player.

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