DB Back Peddle Drill


Position a coach and a player face to face a few yards apart. Ensure that there is at least 25 yards of open space behind the player in order to avoid any collisions. The coach should have a football in his hands.


Build a defender’s ability to back peddle into a pass defending position, as well as, increasing their ability to quickly react and navigate in the defensive backfield.

Drill Description

Initiate the drill by sending the defender straight backward in a back peddle. After a few yards, the coach should point by extending the football with his hands, either to the back right, or the back left. The player should then react and turn his body into a run at a 45 degree angle towards the direction that the coach pointed while still looking back at the coach.  After a few more yards the coach points in another direction. At this juncture, the defender turns and run in that direction while keeping his eyes on the coach.

It is very important that the defender always keep his eyes on the coach and never turn his back to the coach. When turning on the second turn, he must open up his hips so that he remains facing the coach. This is because, in game situations, if the defender turns his back to the receiver he is guarding, he will get lost in coverage and would allow the receiver to make a move away from the defender while his back is turned.

After the player has gone downfield, the coach throws the ball up into the air and the player goes up and intercepts the ball by jumping up high with his hands in the air.

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