Catch and Pop Drill


Prepare a player with a blocking pad right at the same spot where the receivers line up to catch the ball.


Rarely do receivers ever get the change to catch the ball in the wide open field during a real game.This drill teaches receivers how to catch the ball and still bring in the catch even when they are getting popped with contact immediately after they catch the ball.

The Catch and Pop Drill will give receivers the feel for getting hit when they are bringing in a catch, without dropping the football, while they are still in the safe, learning environment of a practice, before the real thing happens to them in a game.

Drill Description

The coach/quarterback sends a receiver across the field and throws them the ball right in front of a blocking pad.

The player holding the blocking pad aims to pop the receiver with contact the moment after the receiver touches the ball. The impact should be firm, but not so abrasive that it knocks the receiver to the ground.

Receivers must learn how to quickly grab the football out of the air and safely gain a firm possession of the ball as they are getting hit. Receivers must look the ball all the way into their hands and into a firm grip to their body in order to completely bring in the catch when they are getting hit.

This drill is the wide receiver equivalent to the Handoff and Pop Drill for wide receivers.

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