Break Double Team Drill


Mark off a 4-6 yard wide area for the boundary of the drill. Two offensive lineman line up on the line of scrimmage in front of one defensive lineman.


The dual purposes of the Break Double Team Drill are to teach offensive lineman how to effectively execute a double team block and to teach defensive linemen how to fend off a double team block.

Drill Description

Upon the start of the drill, the two offensive linemen begin the double team block of the defensive player. Due to the fact that it is two on one, they need to use their advantage to push the lineman back off the line of scrimmage to open up space. The worst thing they can do is let the defender slip in between them.

Defensively, the best thing a defender can do to fend off a double team block is to flip his shoulders parallel to the line of scrimmage in an effort to split the blocker and slip in between the double team. If the split is ineffective, then the player must attempt to hold his ground and create a cluster in the middle of the line of scrimmage, by getting low, planting his back foot into the ground and holding his place.

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