Blaster Drill


A group of players grabs blocking pads and spreads themselves out in a staggered line in front of the ball carrier.


One of the most beneficial statistics that a running back can achieve is “yards after first contact.” If the running back can get hit, break a tackle, and continue moving downfield, it means that he is racking up bonus yards.

The Blaster Drill teaches ball carriers how to take on contact and get those coveted bonus yards after contact.

Drill Description

The ball carrier begins running forward. As he approaches a defender, it is incredibly important that the running back gets low to the ground and powers through the contact by keeping his legs moving. Each time he hits a blocking pad, make sure that each player is keeping his feet moving.

After lowering his shoulder into the blocking pad, the player should keep moving and continue forward to the next blocking pad.

The players holding the blocking pad step forward and provide a firm, but not abrasive, impact on the ball carrier.

Eventually, the player keeps blasting his way through the contact as he traverses throughout the entirety of the drill.

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