3rd & Long Drill


Indicate the line of scrimmage and the first down line. Generally, a good distance for this drill is 10 yards, so that the team gains experience with a 3rd & 10 situation.


Provide situational awareness to players by having them get repetitions of a 3rd & Long situation. The offense must keep in mind how many yards they need for the first down, and the defense must keep in mind what yard line they need to protect in order to stop the offense from procuring the first down.

Drill Description

Call offensive plays that give the offense the best chance of gaining the necessary yards to overcome the third and long situation. Teach the receivers to tailor their routes in order to get deep enough to procure the first down if the ball is thrown to them.

The defense must keep in mind the first down line in order to keep the offense in front of them and keep them short of the sticks.

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