1 Ball – 2 Ball – 3 Ball Drill


Quarterbacks partner up and play catch with each other, starting close and eventually spreading out as they rotate between the different types of throws.


No two throws on a football field are the same. It is important for quarterbacks to learn the framework for how different throws on the field operate. Once they get a better understanding of the concepts, they can begin practicing the different types of throws in order to develop precision and accuracy.

This drill teaches the concepts and ingrains the muscle memory involved with the three different types of throw trajectory.

Drill Description

Players learn to understand the three different types of throw trajectory:

  • 1 Ball – A ball thrown on a rope with high velocity. This ball is thrown with little to no arc and is usually to a close target.
  • 2 Ball – A ball with a firm throw, but enough of an arc to get over the hands of a linebacker, but still fall to a receiver 15-20 yards downfield.
  • 3 Ball – A ball thrown deep downfield with a high arc.

This drill requires players to get multiple repetitions throwing each type of ball to each type of distance to get a sense for how each of the balls should be thrown.

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