Blast Through Drill


Assign two players to stand even with each other while holding blocking pads. Drill participants grab a football and while line up in front of the gap in the two blocking pads.


Teaches players how to initiate contact by lowering their shoulders and blasting through contact. Ball carriers can use this drill to improve their ability to lower their shoulders and run through defenders. Breaking a tackle from two defenders at once can be difficult, but blasting through it can mean gaining enough yards for a first down, or maybe even a touchdown.

Drill Description

As players approach the blocking pads, they lower their shoulders while keeping their head up. They need to get low to the ground and use the power of their legs to drive forward and explode through the blocking pads.

Those holding the blocking pads should get low in their stance and provide firm contact to the ball carrier. The pads should not be lurched out at the ball carrier, but instead should provide firm resistance.

Players rotate as ball carriers and blocking pad holders, as they take turns blasting their way through the blocking pads.

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